Standard Operating Procedures


SOP 08-07 Smoke-Free WorkOne Centers and Express Sites

SOP 08-09 Record Retention _2_

SOP 08-11 Document Shredding and Confidentiality Policy approved 2-25-09

SOP 08-12 WorkOne Managerial Structure and Functional Supervision Approved 02-25-09

SOP 08-13 Lactation Support Policy Approved 02-25-09

SOP 08-17 Limited Personal Use of State Resources Approved 02-25-09

SOP 11-07 Supportive Services Policy

SOP 11-08 Dress Code Policy

SOP 12-01 Media Inquiry Policy - Revision 2

SOP 12-02 Social Media Usage Policy

SOP 12-03 WorkOne Brand Policy

SOP 15-01 Work Experience

SOP 15-03 On-the-Job Training

SOP 15-04 Drug Screening

SOP 15-05 Customer Flow Policy

SOP 15-06 Regionally Elected Youth Barrier

SOP 15-07 Incumbent Worker Training and Reimbursement

SOP 15-08 Rapid Response Activities

SOP 15-09 Confidential and Privileged Information

SOP 15-11 Property Management

SOP 15-12 Electronic Participation in Meetings

SOP 16-04 Nepotism

SOP 16-06 Sectarian Activity

SOP 16-07 Reporting Procedures for Suspected violations in the Administration of Grant Resources

SOP 16-08 Sub-recipient Monitoring Policy

SOP 16-09 MOU and Shared Infrastructure Costs

SOP 16-10 Priority of Service for Veterans and Eligible Spouses

SOP 16-11 Required Roles and Responsibilities of DVOP and LVER

SOP 16-12 DW Guidance Category "A"

SOP 17-01 Procurement

SOP 17-02 EO and Nondiscrimiation

SOP 17-03 Selective Service

SOP 17-04 Training Provider Eligibility

SOP 17-05 Youth Eligibility

SOP 17-06 Conflict of Interest

SOP 18-01 WIOA Individual Training Account Funding

SOP 18-02 WorkINdiana Implementation and Administration

SOP 18-03 WorkOne Managerial Structure and Functional Manager Roles and Responsibilities

SOP 18-04 WOIA Title I Youth Work Experience

SOP 18-05 Educational Functioning Level

SOP 18-06 Youth Program Elements

SOP 19-02 State Performance Metrics




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